Welcome to Shelton Produce

    Our journey began on a little piece of paradise that we call home. Nestled in the bend of a creek is a fertile bottom where our produce stand sets, shadowed by mature Maple, Oak, and Walnut trees. The heart of our farm lies where the land sharply rises up to an open field bordered by fruit trees and woodlands.  


    Shelton Produce is located on Edwardsville Road between Morrow and Blanchester, bordered on two sides by Georges Run Creek. A decade ago, the farm consisted of a small garden used to provide natural, healthy fruits and vegetables for our six children. Today, our farm covers several acres, and provides our family and community with a wide assortment of fresh, home-produced goods and products.  We offer a range of foodstuffs, provided by fruit trees, several varieties of brambles (berries), herb beds, and over 50 types of vegetables.  All of the fruits, vegetables, and herbs used in our made-from-scratch Jams, Jellies, Preserves, Breads, Pies, Maple Syrup, Hickory Syrup, and Fruit Syrups are grown on the farm.


    We feel an obligation to our customers to provide high quality products at a reasonable price, while applying conservative agricultural practices (including organic and natural methods), along with using honest, no pressure sales tactics.